Civilization IV Modifications

Welcome to CivIV Mods - a project to provide Civilzation IV modification packages to enhance and alter your Civ IV game experience.

About Civ IV

Civilization IV is a Fireaxis production from the well known strategy game-meister Sid Meier. It follows in a long tradition of Civ games, and is the most modifiable to date.

Civilization IV is a game platform the majority of which is implemented in Python, and highly configurable through XML configuration files. Mods typically are implemented as altered sets of XML files, new or altered graphics, and (potentially) modified python files.

While there is noise about a forthcoming Software Development Kit from Fireaxis, none has yet been released, so mods are currently build by hand.

About Civ IV Mods

Civ IV Mods will provide a home for several modification projects.

Hosted Mods

  • Realism - The Third Resurrection : A mod intended to improve overall gameplay, provide a more realistic time-scale, and to ameliorate the historical and gameplay accuracy of the Civ IV game.